Dos Minas – Argentina

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Cafayate… the boutique winemaking region of Northwest Argentina is a small and isolated valley where the desert climate, sandy soils and high altitude (6,000 feet) promote the production of high-quality grapes and exceptional wines. These wines express the terroir of Cafayate in a unique way; they are intense in their aroma, they have a good structure and round mouth with smooth and plush tannins, balanced alcohol and nice acidity.

                                                                                         NH Retail Price/Code
• Torrontés                                                                                     $11.99 – 20092
• Malbec                                                                                          $11.99 – 20091
• Tannat                                                                                          $11.99 – 27961
• Corte (Malbec/CS)                                                                       $15.99 – 27960



“Mina” is old school Argentine slang for “girl,” which has evolved to be used colloquially today to affectionately refer to females of any age. This is a project created by two girls, one form Cafayate, Salta and the other from Buenos Aires by way of California, hence appropriately called “Dos Minas.” Cafayate is a wild desert landscape at an incredibly high altitude that produces equally unique wines. Las Dos Minas make Torrontés, Malbec, Tannat and Corte (red blend); they are made in the young, fruity style that the Dos Minas enjoy.


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